1Ibiene Blog 7 -Photo 1Hello again! Hope you all had a good week. My week went well. If I were to elaborate on how each day went, I am pretty sure you would notice a pattern. I’ll give an example.

I wake up each morning at 6:30am or 7:00am. I recently started exercising, hence the reason why I’ve started waking up at 7am to go to the gym (only because it opens at 7am). If I am too lazy, I do a 15 minute (or so) exercise in the apartment. I personally have to say I am proud of myself; another thing ticked off my list! In Canada, I had this very bad habit where I would go to the gym once every year; yes once every year. I did however, walk a lot. I am all about walking; not running, just walking. I have beat that record this year so it’s a good sign for me . Now all I have to do is try my best to continue this habit.
Going back to my routine, I wake up, gym (or not) for an hour, cook (or not) and then get ready. This does not always work out, but that’s just a summary of how my day usually kicks off.

1Ibiene Blog 7 -Photo 2Inserting the miscellaneous, if I did not cook and I am not spending lunch with my co-workers, I go to a little bakery or Family Mart to buy bread or noodles respectively. Another item I “sort of” ticked off my list was eating healthy. Having a roommate who is very healthy (no exaggeration people!) helped me get started and, despite eating bread cake while writing this, I assure you I have stayed clear of sweets (which is huge as I have a sweet tooth).
Living in the one of the local parts of Shanghai, it is nice to be able to go into a local bakery and buy something, which is different from the former bakery I used to go to. If you are ever around Jing’an Temple, you should tryCroissant de France and if you’re around Xiao’nanmen Road, I highly recommend Kinshell Bakery.
Apart from the daily routine, I did have a secondary experience. Tip: I am not familiar with the weather in Shanghai for the other seasons, but if you are coming in the summer I would suggest bringing an umbrella, a really good one.

I bought an umbrella in Shanghai and did not bother to check the quality, as I was rushing and it was raining outside. Needless to say, if I could go back to that moment, I would. On one rainy morning, I rushed outside with my umbrella and the following happened: 1) The umbrella broke; 2) It was easily carried by the wind; so I was forced to hold the edge of the umbrella, trying to drag it down; and 3) I got really soaked.

If it wasn’t raining to much, I probably wouldn’t been as upset, but it was raining “cats and dogs!” I could not rush to TESCO (yes they have TESCO here) to buy one so I decided to go to work anyways.

Picture this: work clothes, black wedges, two bags (for laptop and a work bag), a broken umbrella, and a silk top; bad right?
Well, my top got soaked and to make it worse, while walking to the subway station, the bridge I have to cross had water pouring down like a waterfall (again, no exaggeration). It was an interesting day. I eventually went to the office and of course, my co-workers asked. I used my hand towel to clean myself up a bit and hoped I would not get a cold (and I did not). So there people is the advantage of a good umbrella.

1Ibiene Blog 7 -Photo 3
I also did volunteer work this week at the same street as last week; foreigner street (Laowaijie). It went well.
The Internships China team and some interns (and myself) had another charity event and it was really nice. It was the same school but different children. I had an amazing time. There was a little girl who got my attention. She was utterly adorable, had a very sweet smile and was a very good teacher! She taught me how to draw and color. Thank you cutie!

This week my roommate and I did go sightseeing; well kind of. We did the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, walked through a beautiful pathway by the Bund decorated with flowers and seats (it was sort of like a love shack I must say), and we also saw the Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument. It was lovely. In regards to the tunnel, just to clarify, it’s not a fast train. You won’t be able to see the water, however, you will get to travel through a tunnel with lights, effects, sounds while sitting in a cable car. I did not mind it, but it is best you go for yourself to make your decision.

Oh, this might sound completely weird and, to some not important but, while coming back from the charity event, I saw a mini television at the back of the front passenger seat in a taxi and I was honestly shocked. While I have rarely entered taxis in Shanghai, none of the ones I took had a TV. I did not look at the name of the company but I will definitely be looking out for the “telly cab.”

Lesson learned this week: I underestimated Shanghai’s population. Way more people than I thought!

Well that’s my week in a nutshell. Have a good one!