Hi guys,

I am back! Work has pretty much kept me occupied and hence this late blog post. It’s almost a month since I arrived in Shanghai and this city never fails to amaze me every week!

My second weekend was spent travelling with a few of the other interns to Hangzhou. The trip to Hangzhou came just in time when I wanted to unwind from city life and immerse myself in ancient Chinese architecture.

Esther Blog 2-HangzhouHangzhou certainly did not disappoint. The town was filled with rows of beautifully decorated Chinese-style tea houses and architecture; each uniquely designed with its own prints and carvings. What I enjoyed most was the great company – cycling around Hangzhou dangerously in the wet weather and highly-trafficked roads; getting lost finding West Lake and being extremely behind schedule. By the time we arrived at West Lake, night had fallen but it was incredibly beautiful! It was so surreal and I wished we stayed longer! This was definitely one of my best weekends with these wonderful people!

The highlight of my third week in Shanghai was attending my company’s party on Friday night! We had an aerial view from the 65th floor of a hotel and it was incredibly breathtaking. I was kept in awe every second; from getting a clear view of the city’s developments and skyscrapers before dusk to seeing the vibrant skyline when night fell. Shanghai is like a youthful young lady, with its innocent beauty attracting the attention of people in the day to a young mature lady dolled up for a party where everyone’s eyes are only fixated on her as she transforms at night. Which ‘lady’ do you prefer? Well for me, I love both!

Esther Blog 2-Shanghai

To celebrate the end of my fourth week at work, I treated my stomach to some cheap and good local food at an eatery near my work place and had a tad too much!
This called for a stroll, and my initial plan was to take a walk along People’s Park, but my ever enthusiastic legs took me all the way to Jing An Temple! I regretted not registering the places I had passed in the first 10-15 mins because my mind was absorbed in getting my food digested. By the time I started registered the places, I was near approaching Nanjing West Road Station. Pretty sure I’d missed out on a few good pieces of architecture along the way (this probably calls for another foot adventure). Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable walk with the night breeze gently touching my cheeks and rows of luxurious boutiques and fanciful shopping malls greeting me as they were lined up on both sides of Nanjing West Road.

My legs decided to take me up further west and there, I stumbled upon the shimmering golden lights of Jing’an Temple. It was just so magnificent! Look at how majestic the pagoda is a night! I will let the pictures do the talking.

Esther Blog 2-Jingan

There is just something so attractive about temples at night; they are incredibly beautiful and majestic. The whole foot adventure was a good one as it was not populated and I liked it so much. I experienced a different Shanghai that night.