Recruitment & Consulting Services (RCS):

Offering HR Solutions for Businesses in China

In today’s fast-growing global economy, career-minded adults are focused on differentiating themselves in the hope of becoming more valuable in the global workforce. At the same time, multinational companies are placing more value on foreign employees to enhance creativity and create a link to international markets. As a result, the methods in which companies hire their employees are changing rapidly and many companies are now designing attractive programs catering to ambitious candidates looking to jumpstart their career and gain a competitive advantage.

Since Startup China’s inception, we have cultivated relationships both domestically and internationally, helping us broaden our network to a large pool of qualified and highly-talented individuals. With our knowledge, expertise and years of experience successfully matching high-caliber interns and employees; Startup China’s foundation lies on our thoroughly planned placement process which meets the specific objectives of your enterprise as well as the individual’s career development goals.

According to our experience, companies in urgent need of employees struggle to find those qualified in a short timeframe. To expedite this lengthy process, Startup China provides professional Recruitment & Consulting Services (RCS) to your business entities in China.

Other hurdles include assisting each candidate with their visa application, accommodation and simply adjusting to life in China. Startup China is experienced in aiding the transition of moving to, and starting a life in China.

What is the difference between RCS and our traditional services?

Services OfferedTraditional ServiceRCS
On-Board Loop2-6 Months4 Weeks
Service FeeNoYes
Tailored ServicesNoYes
Your Company’s Adverts Posted in our NetworkNoYes
Chinese Returnees/Chinese LocalsNoYes


Service fees varies from case to case, depending on the position requirements and other factors. If you are interested in cooperating with us you can email us or give us a call.

Advantages of Recruiting Foreign Interns and Employees:

Enhanced Creativity
Hiring foreigners can have a significant impact on your company’s creative output. Their unique background will help diversify your team’s range of skills and provide a rich pool of resources to draw from. The fresh ideas and perspectives they provide can act as a catalyst to help you reach your goals.

Link to International Market
In a world growing ever closer together, you may be looking to expand into foreign markets. Maybe you are already doing business in other areas of the world. Either way, foreign employees provide you with the cultural intelligence needed to generate and implement better strategies to more effectively target foreign markets.

Fresh Talent and Energy
A generation of young, dynamic, and highly motivated students and graduates are waiting to find real work experience in an exciting environment. You can help them develop their skills, whilst boosting your company with the unique talents they have to offer as well as their valuable quality work and dedication. The foreign employees we provide are full of energy, ready to get stuck into a business environment with an optimistic attitude. You may even find future managers for your company among them.