Internship in Xi’an

Interested in the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilisation? Xi’an is an important economic, educational, industrial and cultural center of central-northwest China.

Once the eastern terminal of the Silk Road, as well as home to emperors, poets, monks, courtesans, merchants and warriors,  Xi’an was a melting pot of cultures and religions. The city has many cultural sites, including the Terracotta Army, the Femen Temple and the City Wall of Xi’an.

Even if the greatness of Xi’an may have declined a bit after the 10th century, it raised again in the 1990’s with the economical revival of inland China. Xi’an has now a population of about 8.7 million within the city and with the metropolitan area of 13.6 million.

During the last 20 years important industries including equipment manufacturing, tourism and service has grown really fast (on average 14.5%).

As with most second-tier cities, there are less foreigners and a more authentic atmosphere than in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, making Dalian a perfect choice for a more immersive internship experience.


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