Chinese & Internship program

Finding a way into the massive potential of China’s growing economic market is a top priority for many of our students. While studying abroad and learning Mandarin is an important first step, our most ambitious students are looking to make headway into a career. Moreover, many organizations based in China are searching for the next wave of bright recruits. To that end, Internships China offers the Internship & Mandarin Program, which acts as a bridge between these two parties

Two program components:

– Four hours of evening group Mandarin lessons every week and for every level
– A full time internship in the industry of your choice

This program runs for one to three months. Program participants can choose between China’s two most exhilarating cities, Shanghai and Beijing and will be given the opportunity to experience an internship and learn Chinese in this unique country.

What's Included in the Chinese & Internship Program

  • Intensive block of Chinese Classes (4hrs/week)
  • Internship in industry of choice
  • Pre-departure consultation and advice, visa assistance & invitation letter
  • Airport pickup including welcome package
  • Orientation program upon arrival
  • Serviced Accommodation in city center
  • Weekly social & cultural activities as well as some group excursions
  • Business seminars & networking events
  • 24/7 support from Internships China staff
  • Certificate at the end of the program

Internship and Chinese program details

Evening Chinese Module

Capitalize from our outstanding partner schools and kick-off your program with a result-orientated Chinese language course. Weekly Mandarin group classes (4hrs) will be offered to guarantee you will achieve the quick and necessary results needed. The Internship Chinese module for this program will last 1 month to 6 month. Aside from learning or improving your Chinese, it will gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the environment and adjust to life in Beijing or Shanghai. Accommodation will also be provided during the whole the program. Although Chinese language skills are not necessarily mandatory for your internship, employees strongly prefer candidates with a basic foundation of Mandarin so this program gives you a great advantage.

Internship Module

While improving or learning Mandarin for on a weekly basis, program participants will start right away with their internships. Through this program Internships China provides internships in Shanghai and Bejing across the most exciting and important industry sectors operating in China. Choose from our extensive list of sectors including finance, law, marketing and PR, green technology, and many more.

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