Internship in Shanghai

Looking for a new challenge ? An internship in Shanghai will definitely  bring you what your after. With its ever growing population of over 23 million Chinese and foreigners, Shanghai is an extremely interesting hub for your internship. The diversity and contrasts you will experience every day will blow your mind.

Not only will you build up your professional profile with work experience, cross cultural communication skills and some language skills, you will also develop countless soft skills that will help you all your life. Our Internship in Shanghai program counts more than 500 partner companies and opportunities in each and every industry.

We work with all types of companies along the spectrum. From startup to MNC and from international to local company we can focus our research according to your preference. Flexibility is one of our priorities and we do our best to tailor your program to your needs.

Shanghai is a vibrant city that never sleeps and our program participants love it’s atmosphere, convenience and multicultural populations. From the local dumpling stores to the fancy clubs nothing in Shanghai ever stops amazing us at Internships China and this is why we have elected headquarter in Shanghai, most dynamic city in world.

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