Internship in Qingdao

Interested by natural abundance and beauty in one of the fastest growing city in China? Also known as the Switzerland of the east, Qingdao is then the best choice for your internship.

The new “Blue Silicon Valley” is the largest city located in Shandong Province, situated next to the ocean on the east coast of China. Qingdao has a total population of around 9 million people and an urban population of more or less 6 million.

The city is called “Blue Silicon Valley” because a lot of investments are made in scientific research (120 billion Yuan) including in marine bio products, new materials, comprehensive use of seawater, marine culture and marine tourism. Qingdao’s electricity from wind power is among the highest in China.

Trading (natural rubber, cotton, oil) is one of the major industries with products flowing through Qingdao’s port, the 2nd largest port in China. The entire city is going through a stunning development of secondary and tertiary industries.

China’s sailing city, Qingdao, hosted the Sailing Regattas of the 29th Olympic Games in summer 2008 and since has continued to host international sailing competitions.

As with most second-tier cities, there are less foreigners and a more authentic atmosphere than in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, making Qingdao a perfect choice for a more immersive internship experience.


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