Internship in Nanjing

Interested in Chinese History? Nanjing would be the right choice for your internship. Having served as a capitol for multiple Chinese dynasties, Nanjing, formerly written in the west as Nanking, has an important place in Chinese history and culture. With an internship in Nanjing you will feel the atmosphere of a second tier city while being fully immersed in a Chinese environment.

Nanjing is currently the capitol of Jiangsu province and is full of opportunities. Located in the Yangtze River Delta area and the center of east China, Nanjing is home to one of the world’s largest inland ports and therefore is a great destination for trade and logistics internships.

Nanjing is also a beautiful place to see with lakes such as Xuanwu Lake and Mochou Lake located in the city center and the Purple Mountains hills covered with green oaks. There are many sightseeing spots and some natural hot springs to visit during your free time.

As with most second-tier cities, there are less foreigners and a more authentic atmosphere than in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, making Nanjing a perfect choice for a more immersive internship experience.


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