Survival Chinese Classes


In our program, Mandarin classes are not just a side note; they are an essential component of it. This separates us from a lot of competitors. We hold Survival Chinese Classes twice per week for two hours at a time and ensure that every program participant builds up a solid foundation in basic Chinese vocabulary and sentence patterns.

The Survival Chinese Classes will be held at our partner school, the biggest privately owned language institute in Beijing and Shanghai. The classes are organized into small groups, with a maximum size of 5 students per class ensuring maximum study efficiency.

Internships China also offers a combined Chinese & Internship Program, where you can dedicate a full month to learning Chinese before starting an internship.

Highlights of the Survival Chinese Classes

Small Class Size 
Group classes with a maximum of 5 students

Twice per Week
4 hours of Chinese classes per week. Classes are held twice a week for two hours at a time.

Practical & Useful
Focus on practical Chinese, which participants can use as soon as they leave the classroom. Not a waste of time, highly useful to get around in China.

Experienced Teachers
All of the Chinese classes are organized by Internships China with the best private-owned Chinese language institutes in Beijing and Shanghai with years of experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners.


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