Program Highlights

We at Internships China understand that doing an internship is much more than adding an interesting note to your CV. We strive to create a win-win situation for every party; you as well as the business entity providing the internship.

Internship Placement Process

1. Apply online for the internship

This is how you start the official application process. No fees will be charged for this. Double-check your preferred start dates, location and program duration. The application deadline for each program is 30 days prior to program start date. We encourage candidates to provide as much information about themselves as possible. Asubmission of your CV is mandatory, as an Internship Coordinator will screen the information.

2. Skype Consultaion by Internships China

The next stage of the process will start with successful applicants being asked to take part in a telephone interview, which usually lasts between 20-30 minutes. The interview objective is for Internships China to get to know the candidate a little better, answer any questions, discuss the next steps of the application process and gauge your overall suitability for the program.

3. Program Deposit

Once the two previous steps have been completed and your application has been successful, China Internship candidates will be asked to pay a program deposit. As soon as this has been processed, Internships China will confirm that your program application has been secured.This is the point where you will be introduced to your personalized Internship Coordinator who is employed to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end! Your coordinator will pick from our varied list of partnered business entities, taking your goals, experience and suitability into consideration and drawing out potential placements. During this process you may find that our partner employers will want to check your suitability for the given role and ask to hold a telephone interview with you. We are here to help coordinate and support you through such eventualities and aim to keep you updated at each stage.

4. Program Details and Confirmation

On the completion of this step, once you and our Partner Employer are satisfied, the details of your program will be outlined and issued. Your final payment is due one month before you arrive in China.GENERAL For further details related to our Internships China Internship Program visit our FAQs page. If you still have further questions, please get in touch! We will get back to you as soon as possible and answer all of your questions.

What's included in our programs ?


Your stay in China is not a brief one and, hence, we only organize western-styled accommodation options. They are all hand-selected, inspected by our staff and feature free WIFI, access to washing machines, clean and comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Arrival Services

We help you to get started in China. On arrival at the airport you will receive our welcome package that includes city maps, a handbook with useful Chinese phrases and emergency contact information and a charged sim card. In order to be able to quickly exchange contact details with other participants, personal business cards will also be included

Survival Chinese Lessons

These classes are designed to give a basic and practical knowledge of Chinese to help you get around in China. Organized into small study groups you learn together with other interns twice a week for 2 hours. Make no mistake, after going back home and greeting your friends in Chinese you will definitly impress them! Read more

Cultural Activities

Every week Internships China will hold cultural and/or social activities. Activities can include Chinese calligraphy, Karaoke evenings, movie nights and much more. A great chance to socialize with interns and practice your Chinese.

24/7 Support from our team

After arriving in China you can always contact our international ground staff or your personal internship consultant if you encounter any problems. We are just one phone call away to help you out! Read more

Social Activities

All along your stay in China Internships China will make sure that you get several opportunities to meet your peers in the program and other global minded people. Our community is one of our most valued aspect of our services by our participants.

Contact Us

Have any questions about our programs?

We value service above all and are always available to answer your questions or inquiries about our programs. Just send us a few lines and we will get back to you in no time.