Internship in Dalian

Interested in the financial, shipping and logistic centre of Northeast Asia? Dalian is a historical port used by foreigners for trading, once known as Port Arthur.

Situated at the top of China’s Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian, a city of 6.7 million people, gained the name of the “Hong Kong” of Northern China.

Following the opium war, the city of Dalian was invade successively by both the Japanese and Russians  between 1840 and 1955. Russians built the elegant city center of Dalian with influences of Paris’s architecture. The city of Dalian, also called the “Oriental Brazil,” has made its modern reputation all around China in fashion and soccer.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Dalian ranks eighth among Chinese cities of overall strength. A major center for oil refineries, diesel engineering and chemical production, the port of Dalian also ranks eighth worldwide in terms of cargo tonnage.

As with most second-tier cities, there are less foreigners and a more authentic atmosphere than in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, making Dalian, surrounded by the Yellow Sea and its many marine resources, a perfect choice for a more immersive internship experience.


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