Internship in Chengdu

Interested in experiencing the “Country of Heaven?” Chengdu, a land of abundance, home of the giant pandas, is full of history and Chinese culture. From the Three Kingdoms Era through the Middle Ages and from being capitol of China in 1937 until the present, the city has always been a key player in the history of China.

Located in Sichuan province, western China, Chengdu is the 5th most populous agglomeration with a total population of around 15.5 million people and an urban population of more or less 10 million.

Chengdu is China’s west engine of commerce, science and technology, finance, transportation, communication and also manufacturing and agriculture. Big companies such as Henkel, GE, and JP Morgan Chase invested in the city, and of the first 200 institutions ranked by Fortune magazine, 150 are foreign and 50 are local enterprises. Chengdu is now one of the top investment paradises in China.

As most second-tier cities there are fewer foreigners and a more authentic atmosphere than in huge cities like Shanghai or Beijing, making Chengdu a perfect choice for a more immersive internship experience.


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