We are happy to announce 6 new additions to our Internship Industries list:


Engineering has become a huge industry in China due to its rapid economic growth. As China continues to build up its cities and expand inland, the need for engineering experts will remain in high demand.


The E-Commerce sector in China has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years. Chinese consumers love the convenience of shopping online as well as making online game purchases. E-Commerce giants such as Alibaba and Tencent show no signs of slowing as they each compete to gain a larger share of this highly profitable market.


As China moves away from its role as the world’s factory and into establishing its own consumer identity, Chinese youth are looking to fashion to express themselves. Shanghai, the long-standing commercial and fashion center of China, and Beijing, with its up-and-coming and unique design style, are competing to be crowned as China’s fashion capital.


As the world’s leading export country, China is an attractive market for logistics companies. The logistics industry in China is trending towards value-added services and steady growth.

Architecture & Interior Design

From ancient traditional Chinese architecture to modern day marvels, China is home to some of the most fascinating and celebrated architectural designs in the world.

Sports Management

When one thinks of sports in China, traditionally martial arts, ping pong, and perhaps badminton would be the first to come to mind. However, in the past two decades, football and basketball have become extremely popular in China.
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