Laith interned in Shanghai in the summer of 2013. He worked at a fashion consulting company for 1 month.


1. What are you doing now?
I’m finishing up my Economics degree at Nottingham Uni.

2. Did your experience in China help you to find your new position and, if so, how did it help?
I got myself a job with Accenture and managed to defer it for next year so I can take a gap year and travel, safe in the knowledge my career is all set.

I’d probably be unemployed without my China experience because it made me stand out on my CV (fiercely competitive job market etc. etc.).

I’m also interviewing for some consulting positions at Deloitte and PwC, just to keep my options open, and China’s helped me a lot in my interviews (the experiences I had their give me great answers to competency questions).

3. Do you think your experience in China changed you in any way and, if so, how?
Made me a lot more relaxed in general about approaching new chapters in my life – eg after graduation I’ll have to move to London for a job which obviously pales in comparison to living in China. Not really fazed about going travelling on my gap year either. It also helped me to learn how to connect with people totally different to myself, all of the above will be invaluable for consulting I’m sure. Also has made me more interesting what with the stories I have to tell!

4. Do you have plans to come back to China in the future?
I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away! I’m sure it’s not the last you’ll see of me.