Internship Program prices

Program Type 1 month
2 months
3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months
Internship Placement Only 10,000 CNY 10,000 CNY 10,000 CNY 15,000 CNY 15,000 CNY 15,000 CNY
China Homestay Internship Program 18,929 CNY 20,000 CNY 30,714 CNY 31,786 CNY 32,857 CNY 33,929 CNY
China Internship Program 21,250 CNY 26,071 CNY 40,536 CNY 45,357 CNY 50,179 CNY 55,000 CNY
Chinese & Internship Program 23,559 CNY 29,260 CNY 44,604 CNY 50,306 CNY 56,007 CNY 61,709 CNY

Our prices are based in Chinese currency but you can hover the price for your program to see it in US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars.

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Above is the list of prices for the packages we offer. Our Full Immersion Program is our top recommendation for first timers coming to China but you can also choose our placement only option if you feel comfortable arranging your arrival and housing by yourself.

Your program can start at any time and last 1-6 months!


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