Eugeniu is originally from Moldova and is currently studying Marketing Management at VIA University College in Denmark. He came to China for a 3 month internship doing Marketing & PR in the Green Technology sector in Shanghai.
What did your internship involve?
I was a part of the Business Development Department of a solar equipment company. I was in charge of developing a strategy for penetrating the Eastern European market. My command of languages helped the company to target some key distributors in Poland and Bulgaria.

What was your company like?
It is quite a new company, founded 3 years ago. It is in the top 10 most innovative companies in China and there were around 70 employees. There were offices for Engineers, Production Plant, Customer Support and Business Development. I worked in a team together with 12 young people, mostly interns. There were 8 nationalities among these 12 people, which made my stay a truly international experience. Most of us were in the early 20’s which made us eager to learn something new, to always be working on something and to have fun of course.

Why did you choose to do an internship in China?
Well, the rising economy of China offers the opportunity to see how a company is dealing with such a competitive environment, and cope with global competition in general. Chinese companies have taken a different turn compared to 5 or 6 years ago. Now they rely on quality as well, but at the same time try to be as cost efficient as possible. I was eager to find how they are actually managing to compete in the global market.

What was the highlight of your time in China?
Well, I can highlight basically everything. It was just amazing, starting from the work and ending with travelling all around China. The most impressive thing about China is people. The kindest people you will ever meet. I haven’t made so many friends in all my life.

What made you choose Internships China ?
Internships China  seemed to me the most reliable and trustworthy company that I found. It has also good reputation among companies in the same industry.

What did you think about the service and support Internships China  offered you?
It was just impeccable.

What did you think of your Survival Chinese classes? Were you able to use what you learned in class?
Yes, I did. It requires a lot of time to practice which, unfortunately I did not have. But I really enjoyed the lessons. I will keep studying Chinese back home.

What’s your advice for other interns coming to China?
Have fun and enjoy every second of staying in China. Because later on you will write this report from the airport and regret everything you haven’t done.