Transportation in China


Generally speaking, the public transportation network in Beijing and Shanghai will get you to every corner of the city. Both cities have hugely invested in their subway network, now among the largest in the world. And if there is no subway station close to you, just hop in a taxi or try a rickshaw.

Taxi rides are quite reasonably-priced, if sometimes harrowing. Chinese people often commute by bicycle, but this mode of transport is only for the bravest of foreigners. Transportation fares are:
– Metro ride : 2RMB (Beijing), 3 – 8RMB (Shanghai)
– Taxi rate per km : 2.3RMB above 3km, minimum fare (3km) 12RMB (Beijing), 14RMB Shanghai
– 20-min taxi ride across town : about 28RMB (Beijing & Shanghai)
– City bus : 1RMB (Beijing), 2RMB (Shanghai)

All program participant accommodations are located centrally near subway stations, making it very easy to get to anywhere in the city. Detailed city maps in English, as well as metro cards and further information will be provided upon arrival as part of the Welcome Package. Here you can find the lastest subway maps: