Medical Care in China


We highly recommend you apply for your own insurance policy prior coming to China for your internship program. Furthermore, you should always carry your policy number and the insurance company’s hotline number with you. An insurance policy is not included in any of our programs and needs to be arranged by the program participant in their home country. Internshis China can not be held responsible for any medical charges that may incur.

All of the first tier cities in China (including Beijing and Shanghai) have a variety of international hospitals, several of which are Foreign Expat Hospitals, with practicing doctors from western countries such as the U.S. and Europe. Thus, it is relatively easy to get consultations and receive medical treatment from English speaking doctors in Beijing and Shanghai. The international hospitals all offer 24/7 medical emergency assistance.

Chinese pharmacies have most of the usual medical drugs available and they can be found literally anywhere in the major cities.

Recommended hospitals in Beijing & Shanghai
In Beijing, we recommend the Beijing United Family Hospital, which is located in the Lidu area of Beijing. For our Shanghai program participants we advise interns to visit the Shanghai United Family Hospital, which is located in Changning District.

We will provide information with the contact details of local medical facilities upon arrival as part of our Welcome Package.