Live and Work in Shanghai


Shanghai – Fasten your seatbelt for a ride into the economical powerhouse!

Also known as the “Pearl of the East“, Shanghai has always attracted both Chinese and foreigners alike. A first-time visitor to the world’s most populous city will either fall in love with Shanghai instantly or swear to never come back! China’s economic development has never been as visible as it is right now in Shanghai, a buzzing frenzy of growth, style and living the high-life.

Love it or hate it, the cloud-piercing skyscrapers of Pudong and flashy shopping street of Nanjing Lu with its enormous department stores are impressive to witness – offering a clear indication to all of where China’s second city is heading. Shanghainese people are sure (and proud) that it’s “their” city – the economic center, ruling China rather than the big capital in the far north.

Although Shanghai’s city sites are fixed and connected to the future, there are still plenty of remains of the city’s glorious past to be seen. Stroll around the Art Deco Bund and the French Concession’s colonial boulevards and get an understanding of why China was an important port of entry for a lot of foreigners wanting to do business and why, of course, this has recently boomed!


Food in Shanghai

Although Shanghai cuisine is not considered to be one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China, it certainly stands out through its use of fresh ingredients and delicious catches of the day! In Shanghai the use of sugar is not uncommon in combination with soy sauce leading to its very own, unique taste such as the mouth-watering sweet & sour spare ribs. Facing the East China Sea, seafood plays an important part in local cuisine. Locals favor freshwater products like crabs, oysters, and seaweed. So when you come to Shanghai, do not miss the chance to dine at famous Shanghai Cuisine restaurants and try the signature local delicacies such as the acquired tasting – yet delectable Xia Zi Da Wu Shen (Dried sea cucumber with a sweet soy sauce) or the enticing Yan Du Xian (Stewed pork with fresh bamboo shoots).

Eating out is a huge part of Chinese culture and this is especially so in Shanghai, there are all types of cuisine from all over the globe and a variety of venues to enjoy them in, such as restaurants, snack shops and malls. Heading to the shopping mall for a slap-up dinner may not seem like a likely place to hang out and eat on the weekend, however, in Shanghai it’s completely the case and it totally works!


Sights in Shanghai

Shanghai’s Bund and the fascinating skyscraper skyline in Pudong are probably the first things that visitors get to see in Shanghai. As dramatic and impressive as they are, these are just the obvious; the true joys of Shanghai are found on street level, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety. An elderly woman complete with rollers and pajamas will be chopping vegetables on the stoop of her lane house, while a Prada-clad beauty sashays past on her way to a nearby art gallery. So sharpen your elbows, pick up a pair of chopsticks and dig in.

Shanghai is a city that really knows how to put on a show! Enjoy the variety of art, music and culture on offer and make sure you visit one of their infamous Operas or Ballets set in gorgeous theatrical surroundings.