Live and Work in Beijing


Beijing – Where tradition, culture and modern lifestyles collide 
There is a reason this city is on every China travel agenda, playing host to the majority of historical and famous sights that the country has to offer, Beijing has without doubt a unique character, which the locals are very proud of. Combining a rare mix of old, new and the utterly unexpected! Modern air-conned offices, with horse and carts passing by and the most preened pups you ever will see; styled, dyed with the occasional painted paw-nail. Peculiar? Yes, fascinating? Most definitely! When choosing Beijing you can lead a double-city life, getting the best from the old, new and the downright bizarre.

Sights in Beijing
China’s political and cultural centre has the perfect blend of the country’s ancient and modern faces, Beijing has something to offer every visitor who steps through its gates. It is a city steeped in history, full of unmissable sights, as well as the less-trodden, winding alleys. There are enough sites to keep tourists busy for days. Take the Forbidden City, located in the geographical center: with 980 buildings and an area of more than 720,000 m2 it is a true city within the city. Other not to be missed sights include the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and the countless small alleys in the historical part of town, where you can get to know the true Beijing locals.

Food in Beijing
Food is a great conversation starter when it comes to spending time with the Chinese; a great topic to break the ice. The first thing that jumps into almost everyone’s mind when thinking about Beijing cuisine is of course; Peking duck, (烤鸭kǎoyā). Naturally Beijing has more to offer than just duck. If you want a glimpse of what the locals like to eat, head to the old “Hutongs” and eat in true Chinese style. As well as a variety of regional Chinese cuisine from all over the country, Western food is also on the menu. With a love for all foods and a growing ex-pat community Beijing is extremely multi-national when it comes to meal times.

Nightlife in Beijing
Nighttime is not a quiet time in Beijing. Although clubbing is a very new activity for young Chinese people they have adapted to it very quickly! China’s capital battles amongst the World’s hottest clubbing scene with no less than three 3 main nightlife spots in Beijing: Sanlitun, Wudaokou and the Gulou/Houhai area. Because the nightlife scene changes very quickly we provide all program participants with the latest updates on top clubs and bars around town.