Life in China


With a culture so vastly different from that of the West, experiencing life in China will be something to remember for a lifetime. Aside from the different programs we offer, you are given the choice of living in one of China’s most vibrant cities; Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen! Be warned, it is not uncommon that interns decide to stay and actually live in China after their internship programs are over.

You may have already decided on the program you want, or maybe you have a clear idea on your destination. For those a little uncertain about what life in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen is all about and how they differ we have put together some information to make the decision easier. One thing is for certain, life in either of China’s top Cities is going to be nothing short of a life-altering experience!

life-in-china-beijingBeijing – An Amazing Blend of Historical Sites and High-Rise Buildings

Nowhere else in the world do historical & cultural sights and modern skyscrapers and shopping malls co-exist in such close proximity as they do in Beijing. A city seeped in contrasts and contradictions a veritable feast for your senses! With its constant construction and ever changing face the city has somehow successfully maintained its ancient character, making it an unforgettable experience for foreigners who can go wandering around the old “Hutongs” and admire the Beijing’s old alleys while stopping off at Starbucks on their way home! The famous sights of Beijing need no introduction; the Forbidden City and Great Wall are top destinations for everybody traveling to China. Find out more.


life-in-china-shanghaiShanghai – Fast Paced and Highly Addictive

The economical center of China and the best place to see and FEEL the fast development that a nation of 1.3 billion people is currently experiencing. Aside from its breath-taking skyline, Shanghai has a lot of sights worth discovering, such as breathtaking inner-city temples, gardens and unique antique markets. Wander through the French Concession and get a glimpse of the old Shanghai, a really special gem that is a firm favorite amongst foreigners. Shanghai is China’s cosmopolitan hub – a city which literally does not sleep, so buckle up and get ready for the ride! Find out more.


life-in-china-shenzhenShenzhen – The Original Super City
As the first area to be declared a Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen has great historical and economic importance in China. What was a humble fishing and farming village is now one of the biggest cities in China with a booming economy. This modern city has an estimated population of 14 million people and is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the world.  With increasing foreign investment, global interests and a close proximity to Hong Kong; Shenzhen is a thriving cosmopolitan city and popular tourist destination. In Shenzhen you can experience some of the most beautiful parks, exhilarating theme parks and diverse cuisine in China.