About us – Internships China


Our Story:

Since 2010, Bastien Dumont and Nicolas de Toledo have established a cluster of business experts based in Beijing and Shanghai, Internships China has been formed as a reaction to the current financial boom and the endless opportunities that have been sweeping the East. We love working as a bridge between China and the foreign community. We have become an established link that joins young professionals, university students & graduates to their specific field. Not only do we pay close attention to all our clients in order to guarantee an amazing and trouble free experience, We also adivze, organize and support innovative projects in collaboration with high-end and trusted business enterprises to satisfy your needs.

Our mission:

Our team works very hard to achieve one goal and one goal only : Allowing you to come and discover China in a hassle free and safe way while making your stay is as instructive and beneficial as possible. For this we strive to create and develop new opportunities with professional companies,

Our values:

With offices in Beijing and Shanghai, our programs are strategically placed in China’s economic epicenters. Our interns will experience highly-instrumental working and networking opportunities, combined with a cultural awakening stemmed from life within these vibrant cities! Our dedicated international teams will work closely together with you to ensure that you are set on the right course from the start and placed in a suitable position that closely matches your skills and career goals. We will also do our best to discuss feedback about your internship experience (both from ICL and from your host company) so you can fully benefit from your stay in China. Nearing the end of your program you can prepare questions, comments and inquiries and the Internships China team will be more than happy to help!