In the last thirty years, China has regained its status as a world power in dramatic fashion, becoming the world´s second largest economy behind the USA. Shanghai has grown as well, becoming the second largest and most important city in China. This is why we pulled together this list of the top 10 places visit in Shanghai.

Shanghai is said to be one of the most westernised cities in Asia, so it does not come as a surprise that around 8 million people visit it every year. What is it then that attracts so many people to this multicultural city located on the eastern China coast, just south of the mouth of the Yangtze river? These might be 10 of the reasons for its fame and attraction:

  1. The Maglev Train (Fastest one in the World)

What a better way to go from the airport, in the outskirts of the city, to the centre of the city, than in the worlds´ highest speed train. With speeds up to 431kph/270mph, Shanghai´s Maglev it is not only extremely fast, but comfortable, modern and fashionable as well. It is indeed a very unique way to make your entry into the city.

The city offersan ample range of hotels, apartments and many housing options with a wide range of prices and quality affordable to all kind of budgets. Once you are settled, there are many things to visit and to do. these are just a few of them:

  1. The Bund

The Huangpu River separates the city into two parts, Puxi the downtown part, and Pudong where the financial area and the skyscrapers are located. The Bund is the perfect place to go and admire Pudong´s beauty and a boat ride through the river is also recommended.

  1. Shanghai Tower (2ND Tallest in the World)

Shanghai Tower is the 2nd tallest building in the world and it is open to the public, as it has the world´s highest observatory on the 118th-120thfloor where it elevates you to an altitude of 561.3 m, overlooking the Chinese metropolis; it is highly recommended to go there atsunset.

  1. The Oriental Tv Tower

In the same area you will find The Oriental Tv Tower, a unique building with three legs, eleven spheres and fifteen observatories.It is one of the most important symbols of Shanghai. In it you will find many interesting attractionssuch as a revolving hotel and restaurant, the municipal history museum or the “Space Module”, another observatory.

5. Ming Dynasty Garden, Yuyuan Garden

Not far from the Bundyou will find one of the few surviving Ming Dynasty Gardens, Yuyuan Garden. Its beautiful scenery, the decorated bridges, the colourful pagodas andintimate enclaves makes this place truly unique. Insideis held the magic Exquisite Jade Rock, which is said to have belonged to Song Emperor Huizonga´s private collection.

  1. Shanghai Museum

Shanghai is a city full of entertainment and it has a lot to offer. Shanghai “glassy” museum is a good example:with an art collection of more than 120,000 pieces from all over the world, it is located in the heart of the city at People´s Square near Nanjing Road.

  1. Shanghai Circus World

If you are looking for something more dynamic and fun to watch, Shanghai Circus World is a perfect option with plenty of domestic and international performances, ranging from dances and music competitions to animal performances.

  1. Zhujiajiao the Watertown

Shanghai was first stablished in 1270 and its full of history.An emblematic and characteristic place to visit is Zhujiajiao, a Watertown. You can either stroll through it or take a boat ride around the many canals and bridges of Shanghai’s old town. Along its exclusive architecture you will find the Fangsheng Bridge, the largest arch bridge in the whole city measuring 70 metres long and 5.8 metres tall.

  1. Nanjing Road, The Shopping Avenue

Fancy doing some shopping? Nanjing Road is the equivalent to New York´s Fifth Avenue. Starting at the Bund and ending at Jing´an Temple, it boasts almost4 miles of attractive architecture as well as shops and retailers from all over the world, where you will get an insight experience of what bustling Chinese commerce is like.

  1. DisneyLand Shanghai

Seeking for some quality family time? Don’t miss out on DisneyLand Shanghai. Six themed parks, that will emerge you in a fantasy full of excitement and adventures, perfect for families.

These are just a few examples of the beauties the city has to offer.So why don’t you come to enjoy them?You can rest assured you will enjoy a full Chinese experience like no other!

Shanghai Disney Land